USAR offices, GMFRS

The Urban Search and Rescue Unit (USAR) Wall and window wraps

When Senior Fire Officers in USAR at the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) saw artwork I had created for GMFRS’ ERHub, they said ‘I Want One Of Those’.

USAR travel around the Globe to help out in disaster zones. They wanted artwork that reflected the stark reality of places they have been as well as  inspirational quotes, a world map and the Periodic Table.

I researched global disasters, used stock images where appropriate and used reference material from GMFRS to create the bulk of the artwork in Illustrator. For the main window artwork I designed a black and white theme with just rescue workers and vehicles in hi-vis colours.

Feedback has been very positive and the manager of USAR has had a lot of visitors checking out his new artwork.

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